Free Seo Course 2018 | 19

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Free Seo Course 2018 | 19 

Free seo course 2018 | 19

An overview about keywords types & Indexing!
SEO means ‘search engine optimization’! As the name implies, it is optimizing or boosting up anything on the search engine. No we are here to start a complete course of SEO that will enlighten audience with all the minor and major details of SEO.
The SEO is divided into two main parts

  • Off- Site 
  • On-Site

In the later on course we will elaborate each and every part of SEO with complete details but here is the main difference:

Every change, modification, technique that is directly applied on the website is ON- Site.

Every change, modification, technique that is not directly applied on the website, rather supporting the website indirectly is OFF- Site.

Most of the people want to rank their site on Google. Remember! Google itself is a search engine. There are a lot of search engines like Bing etc and almost same techniques are applied to rank the website on any search engine. Now you should know the technical words being used in SEO:

What are Keywords?

What are Keywords?

“Anything that is searched on the internet is the keyword”
Basically, we just wanted that whenever someone types a keyword that Is related to our business, our website comes at the top of the search engine so it will enhance the chances of sales.
You must make sure that keywords should be according to the services of your company. If you are dealing in motorbike industry, then keywords must be like used motorcycle, new bikes, old bikes etc that people are expected to search over the internet.
Now there are three types of keywords according to my best of knowledge:

  • Informative
  • Generic
  • Long tail


The keywords that deliver information are the informative keywords. For example, red, bubblegum, biscuit, motorcycle etc as they throw light of knowledge. Suppose a person types motorcycle, then the search engine will tell about the information of motorbikes at the top of the search ranks. These are the most difficult keywords to rank in the world and almost it’s useless to rank your website on these keywords.


These are very general keywords like ‘used motorcycle’ and such keywords are very effective.
Long tail
These are basically including any initial word plus a generic or informative keyword along with location. It’s like ‘cheap used motorcycles in Lahore’ etc!
Long Tail = keyword + location
We will discuss in detail about more keywords searching techniques in the next article!

What is Indexing?

“Telling or submitting the name of your website to search engine is called indexing your site”
It means that when you write the name of your website, it will come at the top. Remember that, it is not concerned with the keyword but with the name of the website.
For example, the name of website is!
If we write ‘’, or with the name alone ‘example’ on the Google, it will not come at the top just because we have not told search engine about the existence of site.
In the past, almost one month ago, there is an easy way to submit your site on the Google. Just type ‘add to Google URL’ on the Google and paste the website addresses on the search bar you found in the result. After that, click the submit button and within some time, your website will be indexed.
Type on the Google ‘’ and here you can select almost all the search engine present in the world. Paste the URL of the site, follow the instructions and submit your site all across the search engines in the world.
Now the Google has recently changed the algorithm and it’s now following a different way that will be described in the next lectures! Still, you must know the basic ways! So day by day, the course proceeds and you are advised to learn and practice everything as this will really enhance the skills! See you in the next article with the next step. Till then, take care!
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