Top 10 best foods of the world 2018

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Top 10 best foods of the world 2018

1. Massaman Curry:

It is a thailand food and it is a special curries and it is believed as the king of curries, perhaps the king of all foods.Not only spicy but coconutty,sweet as well as savory.
Massaman Curry

2. Neapolitan Pizza
It is and Italian type of Pizza. It is believed as best pizza and it is still simple as it was earlier.
Neapolitan Pizza

3. Chocolate
Chocolate is a mexicon food and mayans drank it. It is sweet, creamy as well as tasty.

A Japanese Dish


5. Peking Duck
A Chinese dish famous all around the world for it flavour.

Peking Duck

6. Hamburger
A german food

7. Penang assam laksa
A malaysian nodules

Penang assam laksa

8. Tom yum goong
A Thai food just like soup

Tom yum goong

9. Ice Cream
It is believed as global food of world.

Ice Cream

10. Chicken Muamba
A Food of gabons with peanuts and butter.

Chicken Muamba
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